Knives and Toothed Blades for Unifeed

Coltelli Unifeed: we specialize in the sale of knives for mixer wagons.

The knives and blades used in mixer wagons are essential for obtaining well-cut mixes, which guarantee the correct supply of nutrients to your animals.
All of our solutions ensure maximum efficiency for the preparation of an excellent quality blend. Our range of blades is extremely complete and consists of knives of different types, shapes and materials suitable for both vertical and horizontal unifeed mixers.

Best Knives for Mixer Wagons

We offer you knives for mixer wagons only from the best brands: Agm, Faresin, Kuhn, Pagliari, Seko, Storti, Trioliet, Unifast, Gilioli, Italmix, Matrix, Omas, Sgariboldi, Zago, Supertino, Sitrex, Siloking. At Coltelli Unifeed you can find efficient, long-lasting products made with the most resistant and performing materials in the market.

If you need knives for unifeed mixer wagons, choose our products: discover all the models, and you will surely find the one that best suits your needs!! If you have any question about technical specifications, do not hesitate to contact us, we can support you in choosing the ideal product for you, thanks to our long-standing experience.

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